Saturday, February 17, 2018


Alopecia is a medical terminology that is used for various hair loss.  Hair loss affects millions of people.  Most people are frustrated  because they try so many things and no results.   We are going to talk about bringing your hair back after traction,  but lets first start with the prevention of alopecica traction.   We need to stop braiding our hair so tight,  and stop braiding it in the same direction each time,  avoid pulling the hair back from the edges.   You should also avoid pulling the hair tight to do a ponytail.    These few things will have a big impact on alopecia  tracts.    These types of damage can be treated if it isn't permanent damage.  Treatment can be head massage, proper products, and by styling your hair different and more.  Your natural hair need proteins and air to heal form damages.  If you have these kinds of damages,  stop putting tension on your hair to prevent more damages. You may be wise to wear a custom wig during treatment so that you have easy access to your natural hair.   Be sure to wear extensions for the proper time 4-6 weeks no later than 8 weeks before you take them out.   This is a great time to get natural hair treatment before applying hair extensions.   You should tell the stylist to try a different braid pattern each time to avoid the damages.  It may cost a little more to go through natural hair treatment before applying the extensions,  but it will be worth it at the end.


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