Thursday, August 2, 2018


The benefits of choosing Remy human hair.  Remy  is value as high quality premium hair in the hair industry.   This type of hair is made of human hair just like many other kind of hair, however,  this type of hair  has the cuticle intact.    Extra care is done to insure that the hair is facing in the same direction.   This will prevent matting and tangling so the hair will remain luxurious and supple.   This hair can be colored,  permed,  and strengthen,  unlike synthetic or human hair mix that can not hold up to higher heat.    This hair also holds up to the temperature and exposing sun and still remain natural looking.     There are two type of Remy hair,  Virgin Remy  hair is sourced from donor who have never dyed their or straighten or permed it.   Remy hair is still high quality hair but has been dyed , straighten, and permed at some point.   The benefit is that this is authentic human hair which blends well with your natural hair.  This hair  is also stronger and will last over time,  because it can withstand elevated heat just like your natural hair.  This is the best hair for us from experience and this is why we choose Indian Virgin Human hair.   At Shawzae Wig Boutique  now you can create your own full lace custom wig by giving us the color, texture, length,  oh and the size of your head. We will create your new custom lace wig.

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