Sunday, April 2, 2017


It is very important to keep your lash extensions clean and in good condition to prevent eye irritations, and other.  Lash extensions can be cleaned and should be as often as possible.  Most ladies will receive this service from the lash and brow spas,  however, for those who don't get this service, you can achieve this service on your own.   If you purchase human hair lash extensions,  or lash extensions that are reusable, you need this service.   You can clean your lashes by adding a drop of dish detergent, and a drop of oil,  using a clean mascara application or brow brush.  You need to dip your lash extensions gently in the solution,  brush gently and let them dry before reusing them.   When you are at the spa,  your lash extensions can be cleaned while you are wearing them.   It is important that  you keep your reusable lash extensions cleaned for the safety of your eyes.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


We want to step out looking our best,  it's just human nature to want to be admired for our appearance.  I have always said and believed  that all woman are beautiful, and when  we step out with our hair and nail done, along with sparkling jewelry and shoes that make a statement we have it going on,  however, don't count out the handbag.  Handbags are necessary to completed the look, without a gorgeous handbag it doesn't feel complete.    Ladies,  you know we are stepping high when we have everything pulled together, and we have that certain glow.  When you have confidence in yourself and your appearance nothing can stop you.   It's true when you look good, you feel good.   I believe that when you have confidence in yourself it puts you ahead of the game.    I love it when we women pulls it all together.  A beautiful handbag is like a beautiful pair of shoes, it makes a statement.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Shawzae Boutique is unique, and the items that are offered has been in our hearts and soul for over a decade.   All items are handcrafted with love,  and patience so we can offer to you our best.  If you have visited our store,  you would have seen that some departments are bare,  however,  that will be changing soon.   The herbal department has been a special project of mines,  and it will be restocked first, because as an herbalist I know that I am needed,  therefore I still need to fill that role.  I use to refer to myself as a herbalist stylist in my videos,  I still do.  I will remain true to myself and give you everything I have in me to give.   I am a creative soul so I try to mix it up and make the things  that I have made for over a decade.  I appreciate all of your support.  Check out our new Herbal Department at

Please contact me for any herbs that you may want if we don't have them,  and for questions on any herbs listed in our store.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Natural hair has always been my priority.  We have tremendous respect for the ladies that have gone natural over the past years.   I always say it doesn't matter what you wear wigs or extensions always take care of your natural hair.   Here are some tips on getting started on natural hair care,  it is nothing new,  however,  if you haven't been doing it,  this is a good time to start.

1   Always shampoo and keep your natural hair clean,  moisturize and trim,  this will help your hair growth.

2   Condition your hair in between shampooing so that your hair is getting the moisturizer it needs to grow.

3  Research the right products for your hair,  you may not believe it,  but products make a big different in hair care.  Some products take the labor out of hair care.

4   Pamper yourself and your hair by just taking a day for you and your hair. It will allow you to do extra things that you wouldn't normally do in your hair care maintenance.

Shawzae will be opening its hair braiding school soon.  We will be discussing hair care,  and signature treatments and more.  We will also be teaching you to braid hair safely.   There are two things that I see a lot of in hair braiders,  especially the ones that can braid,  I see that they braid the clients hair too tight,  and they don't stress the time frame for keeping braids in the hair.    We want to get away from those things and offer to the clients a high end hair braiding salons with lots of bells and whistle.  The most important of all is customer service and quality care.   You will learn all of this at Shawzae.

Monday, January 2, 2017


It has been a blast to be part of the beauty industry  and creating those beautiful custom wigs.  I want to thank those that supported me,  to help me stay creative.  The new trend that came out of 2016 was the 360 closure,  now I am on the slow bus for getting them in my boutique,  but they are on the way lol.  I will have a few 360 closure coming my way,  so you will see them soon in my Boutique.  I know why the ladies love them so much, you can part your hair any where, and wear your hair pulled up.  I love that.   Ladies it's not just about wearing extensions,  you can be apart of the billion dollar business.   I am looking forward to my natural hair course this year also,  because no matter what wigs, or extensions,  we need our natural hair to survive.   The new website will be up soon.  We want you to learn how to braid hair safety without damaging the clients hair.