Friday, January 31, 2014


I am so excited to have this conversation due to the countless questions that I received on this subject. When you set up an in home salon,  you have to remember that their are state laws,  and your house rules and laws that applies.   An in home salon is actually a old tradition, it's social meet beauty.   The most important thing
or one of the most important thing to  remember is cleanness,  this is as equal important as the traditional salons.   Remember no one wants to come to a dirty salon,  and especially a dirty house.    When operating a in home salon,  you should keep to the same rules having adequate supplies,  products,  equipment, and so on, so that your clients can get top notch service.     A  lot of people like that personal touch and details
that a in home stylist give to them and their hair.   They like the quality of care that they get from the stylist.
A lot of traditional salons now ask you not to bring your children to the salon because of the distraction      
that will interfere with the service.   When operating an in home salon,  you will want to create that
same vibe, even if you have children.    Having children in a salon is a common complaint from a lot of salons and stylist.   In home salons are growing because of the professionalism of the stylist, the service,  the calm and friendly atmosphere,  so listen up America, if you have not been to a in home salon you do not
have to be afraid.   You will receive professional and personal service to the detail of your hair.   I just
thought you would like to know that you can get professional service in home salons.   When you are looking for a salon check out both traditional and home to see which one that will fit you the best.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ladies,  you know going to the salon is great, it's one of the joys in life.  After leaving the salon, 
your hair looks great,  but don't necessary smell great.   Hair usually smell like chemical or heat
from the curling iron or flat iron.   I usually wear my hair up with a bang.  I notice that when I put
some heat to my bang it smells like the curling iron.   I really don't like that smell.  The hair fragrance oil was clearly an accident on my part.   Several weeks ago I had a client in
for an herbal treatment.   She notice the ocean rain scent that I had on my finger,  I guess I was
doing something with it earlier,  anyway I can't remember what it was.   She commented on
how great it smells,  so while I was doing her hair it hit me to give her a mist of this scent
after her service was done.   OMG she loved it,  it smell so good.   She left the salon,  and I had
to go behind her because she left her book.  I open the door and all you could smell was that
great mist.   I know that a lot of the stylist will spay your hair with hairspray after the service to
get rid of the chemical smells or curling iron,  it last for a few minutes,  and sometimes you can
still smell that chemical scent or the curling iron through the spray.   This oil usually last  for
days, even when you sleep in the satin bonnets to protect your hair and style, which I
recommend,  you can still smell that mist.  The oil scent is much stronger than the hairsprays.

This fragrance oil mist is so easy to make,  and it will make such a different.  I call it my little
treat to my clients.   I usually give them a few mist to smell first to find out what they want, 
and it's now a big hit.   The oil is safe for the hair,  and you will love inhaling that fragrance.

I get my fragrant  oils. from Bramble Berry.

Here is how I make it:

I use a turkey baster it has ounces on it, and
I use 1/4 oz  of the ocean rain oil
I use 3/4 oz of distilled water maybe a little more,  it depend on the bottle
that you use.  Also you need to heat the water so it could melt the wax.
I use 1/2 tsp of alcohol   to hold the oil and water together
I used a 4oz mist bottle that I purchase at WalMart,  it is as easy as that, it's
a simple little treat for you and the clients.  

Friday, January 10, 2014


I decided to do this video because I have a lot of people asking me about getting rid
of dandruff.  I have also created a post below,  so please watch and subscribe to my
video.  I have also added the information on the Shaw Herbal Dandruff treatment


I am a herbalist stylist and above all I believe in healthy hair.   As a stylist,  you will run into all
types of people with all types of hair.   A stylist may or may not tell you something you  want or don't want to hear.  I did do some research on this and here are 10 things,  I thought may be worth

1.  If you can't afford to wear human hair extension,  don't wear synthetic.  Synthetic hair extensions
damages your natural hair.

2.  Always wash and condition your hair before a sew in,  the key is condition, condition.  You want to give your hair as much moisture as you can because the extensions are going to take a lot of
moisture from natural hair.

3.  Bond in really damages your hair more than you know.

4.  Don't let anyone braid your hair so tight it hurts,  sew ins are suppose to be comfortable not
painful,  actually all your hair styles and treatments should be comfortable.  Hair braided to tight will damage your hair,  and if they are braided to tight at the edges,  you are going to lose your hair.

5.  Wash your weave, if you are going to wear your weave again, and again.  They do have a
dry shampoo that you can use to wash your weave while your are wearing I called Herbal Cleanse
Dry Shampoo.

6.  Don't put heavy oils on your weave, because the oil make your weave heavy and put stress on
your natural hair.

7.  Don't use a lot of heat on your weave,  you can use heat on your human hair extensions,  but just  
like your natural hair high heat can be dangerous.  The less stress to your weave,  then their will be less stress to the natural hair.

8.  You should always oil edges and scalp without putting the oil on your weave.

9.  Take a break,  there are other styles that can keep your hair healthy.  If you wear long
extensions,  take a break by wearing short extension to take some of the stress off the natural

10.   We have a lot of home salons,  and you don't have to feel uncomfortable going to these salons,
because every stylist value their reputation.   If you are going to a home salons simply ask
questions to get all the information you need before you get there,  if you still feel uncomfortable
or not sure don't go.  Simple.

I hope these tips will have you to move forward in the 2014 and help you take better care
of your hair.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Dandruff is a serious issue for a lot of people, so lets start off by learning what causes dandruff.  Here are some causes of dandruff that we know of, dry scalp, a condition called seborrhea dermatitis ,  eczema , psoriasis or an overgrowth yeast like fungus know  as malassezia.

I am going to tell you how to make the Shaw Herbal Dandruff treatment

I use a 6 oz bottle, filled with half castle soap base
10 drops  of tea tree oil....stimulate growth
1/2 cup of coconut oil.....great for dry scalp
Half of keep the PH balance of your scalp,  this will help keep dandruff at bay
1/2 cup of  olive oil....great moisturizer

Before shampooing your hair in the herbal treatment,  put some apple cider vinegar in your
hair, a quarter cup,  let it sit for 2-3 minutes with a cap on it,  then shampoo your hair in the herbal treatment.  The apple cider vinegar will also change the PH balance in your scalp,  it makes it harder for yeast to grow in your hair.   Simple easy step to get rid of dandruff and to keep it gone.

Here are some other tips that I have read about to help with dandruff.   Aspirin can  be crushed fine,  added to shampoo,  it keep flaking down.  Baking soda is another one,  wet your hair and put a handful of baking soda in your hair to the scalp,   it stops itching.   The last one is aloe vera,  rub some aloe vera to the scalp to help you stop scratching.      I was asked to up date the numbers of the products instead of using percents,
so the numbers are here.  Thank you.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


We are so excited to be here in the 2014 to help you with your hair issues.  I am going to talk to
you about one of our favorite oils (  Macadamia Oil), and share with you two of our organic
products that we created in 2013 to help damage hair.  Macadamia plant was founded in
Australia.  The seed from the plant produce the oils.  This oil is highly nutritious, great source
of vitamin B complex, vitamin E,    phosphorus, and iron, plus 80 percent of mono
saturated fat.  This oil is known for softening the hair, eliminates frizzes, detangles, help
strengthens the hair, add shines, and replenishes hair from damages done by radiations.
I can't say enough about this oil.   Below we will share two of organic products that
were very successful in 2013.

Shaw Herbal Shampoo

8 oz bottle
Castile soap base
10 drops of rosemary oils
8 drops of tea tree oils
8 drops of olive oils

Shake well each day, let it sit for 4 to 6 days before using to let the oils infuse with
 each other and the soap.

Shaw Rosemary Herbal Rinse.
Mason Jar
Dried Rosemary Leaf
Boil some distilled water
Fill your mason jar with half of your dried rosemary leaf,  then add  the water to
the jar filling it up to the top. Shake the jar well and let sit for 6 weeks.
After you let it sit for 6 weeks strain the rosemary and bottle your water for a
rosemary rinse.  You can probable make two 6 oz bottles of rosemary rinse because
the content of the strain rosemary water will be strong,  so you can add a little
more distill water to it.  Rosemary help hair growth,  olive oils give hair moisture, and
tea tree oils stimulate the scalp also for hair growth.  Healthy hair for 2014.

I hope you have fun doing these project,  they are great for your hair and the
whole family.